Blvcktvty – your automotive photographer in and around Hildesheim

Cars – they are both means of transport and moving art. It is not only about getting from A to B but also about line management and design and the emotions the designer releases with it.
Every owner of a car will agree with me when I say that you don’t necessarily choose your car by function but by personal preference and here the design aspect is added. A car is chosen according to its shape, its lines and also its engine. These are all things that arouse emotions in the owner and tempt him to buy a car and drive it. It is precisely these emotions that make up the tuning scene. No two cars are the same – each owner of a car rebuilds his car according to his wishes and ideas so that it reflects himself and his lifestyle.
Cars are works of art. It is clear that you want to capture the characteristics of your vehicle, but this is not done with a simple snapshot. On the contrary, taking the perfect picture of a car requires more than just a mobile phone and a click on the shutter release. This is where I come in – your automotive photographer in Hildesheim! In order to relieve you of photography, I passionately dedicate myself to automotive photography and also love to photograph your car.