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Adidas L.A Trainer OG Werbefotograf Hildesheim Hannover
After initial scepticism about the silhouette of the L.A. trainer, I simply tried it on with the guys from VCNTY and was immediately thrilled.
Thanks to its shape, the shoe does really well on the foot. In addition there is the slightly more “nubby” sole, which simply gives the shoe a more aggressive touch, in my opinion.
I was also very surprised by the material and workmanship.
Besides coarse mesh, which is perfect for the summer, super beautiful pigskin leather also finds its place at the L.A Trainer – and for an unbeatable 100€ (or even less, since it is currently on sale in many shops).
Even from the wearing comfort it is definitely one of the most comfortable shoes in my possession. And if it’s too hard or soft, you can simply take out the pins or change them.
All in all, the L.A Trainer OG is a very recommendable shoe with a top price/performance ratio.
The workmanship, materials and comfort are also unbeatable for the money and are second to none.
With the Adidas L.A Trainer OG you don’t do anything wrong. Arneken 6 (1 von 1) Arneken 7 (1 von 1)

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