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Nike Air Vapormax „Asphalt" im Sprung

Nike is back! After what I think has been a lull over the last few years, Nike is finally back! It started this year with the Nike Air Max 1 Pinnacles with old shape and super quality, followed by the OGs on Air Max Day and the new silhouette called Nike Air Vapormax. For me, the Vapormax is a worthy rival to Adidas’ Ultra Boost. However, the Nike Air Vapormax is more eye-catching, as the mix of sole and upper gives it a slightly aggressive yet sporty touch. While you can see the Ultra Boost at every corner, the Vapormax is still quite rare on German roads, which can be due to its rather unusual design.

The continuous Air Bubble, for example, is already known from models like the Air Max 97 or 98, but it has been “integrated” into the midsole and not, as in the Vapormax, so that the sole of the shoe virtually consists only of the bubble. The upper of the shoe consists of a flyknit suitable for summer, but the heel and toecap of the shoe are covered with a kind of glaze to avoid fraying and to protect the flyknit. The only drawback of the Vapormax, however, is its proud price of 210€, which can also be overlooked if you have had a foot, because it is not to be surpassed in wearing comfort and significantly stronger than any shoe with Boost technology. 

Conclusion: Before you think about buying an Ultra Boost, put 30€ more on the table and grab the Vapormax – you won’t regret it!

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