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The Nike x Undercover Daybreak – a wearable work of art!

Rise of the Underdog

Japanese fashion has long been one of the best kept secrets of the fashion industry. And that despite heavyweights like “Comme des Garçons” and “A Bathing Ape”.
In recent years, however, trends have also spread to Europe and gradually integrated themselves into the local streetwear scene. Brands such as Sacai, Undercover or Comme des Garcons are now indispensable and enjoy great popularity among everyone involved in streetwear.Japan’s fashion industry sees garments not only as a means to an end, but as art – wearable and functional art. The clothes are more playful and extroverted, as if the bright neon lights on the facades of the houses were reflected in them. And that is exactly what makes up many Pieces. This extravagance is not necessarily expressed in colours and patterns: Often it’s simply about new cuts, cool “add-ons” and gadgets that enhance the functionality of the garment.
That’s exactly what Jun Takahashi has tried with the Nike Daybreak – and achieved!

Undercover – or not?

The designer Jun Takahashi created the high-end brand “Undercover” in 1993 and opened the store “Nowhere” together with Nigo in 1995. A short time later Rei Kawakubo, founder of the brand “Comme des Garçons”, took care of him and became his mentor.
Following her invitation to Paris, one followed the other and the French store “Colette” asked to exhibit its 1998 “Exchange” collection.
After designing the “Gyakusou” line for Nike and “Uniqlo Undercover” for Uniqlo, “Undercover” is now one of Japan’s best-known streetwear brands and an integral part of the scene.

Wearable Art

Besides the daybreaks in “Black” and “Blue Jay” another black Colorway for ladies was added. While the black daybreak for men has a white swoosh, a white tongue tip and white laces, the black WMNS Colorway comes in a completely black robe of suede and nylon – which in my opinion looks cleaner and less “retro”. The eye-catcher and also the reason why the shoe is polarized and surprisingly still available is clearly the black “spoiler” at the heel that Jun Takahashi gave the model. Besides this striking cage, the Nike x Undercover “Daybreak” also shines with simple and beautiful details like the “Undercover” branding on the tongue, insole, outsole as well as on the heel. The heel is adorned with a leather application, on which the logo of “Undercover” was printed – what I think is a very nice and valuable detail.

What do I think about the shoe?

In my opinion this shoe is totally underrated and doesn’t deserve to wait for the sale. It’s understandable that the Heelcage probably frightens off many people, but one should not be guided by the product pictures, but by the fact that this shoe is really a board on the foot and incredibly comfortable!
The price requires reserves of 160€. Some of you may not want to look at the sneaker anymore, but before you spend 180€+ on any 08/15 shoe á la Nike TN, take the 160€ in your hand and buy this portable work of art made of really great materials and without glue residues!
If you’re thinking about buying the shoe now, just drop by your old friends like Solebox, Nike or Overkill and order it or try it on on site. It’s definitely worth it!


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